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Tuning, Analysis, and Validation

Tune control system parameters and analyze results at the command line

Once your model is set up for tuning, the systune command adjusts the tunable coefficients to meet your design requirements.


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systuneTune control system parameters in Simulink using slTuner interface
systuneOptionsSet options for systune
getIOTransferTransfer function for specified I/O set using slLinearizer or slTuner interface
getLoopTransferOpen-loop transfer function at specified point using slLinearizer or slTuner interface
getSensitivitySensitivity function at specified point using slLinearizer or slTuner interface
getCompSensitivityComplementary sensitivity function at specified point using slLinearizer or slTuner interface
writeBlockValueUpdate block values in Simulink model
getTunedValueGet current value of tuned variable in slTuner interface
setTunedValueSet current value of tuned variable in slTuner interface
viewGoalView tuning goals; validate design against tuning goals
evalGoalEvaluate tuning goals for tuned control system


Analysis and Validation

Interpret Numeric Tuning Results

Tuning reports from systune and Control System Tuner give you an overview of how well the tuned control system meets your tuning goals.

Visualize Tuning Goals

Tuning-goal plots let you visualize your design requirements against tuned system responses, to see where and by how much tuning goals are satisfied or violated.

Validate Tuned Control System

When you tune a control system, validate the results by examining system responses with the tuned parameters.

Validating Results

This example shows how to interpret and validate tuning results from systune.

Tuning Workflow

Tune Control System at the Command Line

After building a tunable control system model and specifying tuning goals, use systune to tune the parameters of your system.

Tuning Multiloop Control Systems

Jointly tune the inner and outer loops of a cascade architecture with systune.

Speed Up Tuning with Parallel Computing Toolbox Software

If you have the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software installed, you can speed up the tuning of fixed-structure control systems.

Motion Control Applications

Control of an Inverted Pendulum on a Cart

This example uses systune to control an inverted pendulum on a cart.

Control of a Linear Electric Actuator

use slTuner and systune to tune the current and velocity loops in a linear electric actuator with saturation limits.

Tune Field-Oriented Controllers Using SYSTUNE

Tune a field-oriented controller for an asynchronous machine in one simulation.

Industrial Automation Applications

Digital Control of Power Stage Voltage

Tune a high-performance digital controller with bandwidth close to the sampling frequency.

MIMO Control of Diesel Engine

Use systune to design and tune a MIMO controller for a Diesel engine. The controller is tuned in discrete time for a single operating condition.

Aerospace Applications

Multiloop Control of a Helicopter

Use slTuner and systune to tune a multi-loop controller for a rotorcraft.

Fixed-Structure Autopilot for a Passenger Jet

Use slTuner and systune to tune the standard configuration of a longitudinal autopilot.

Fault-Tolerant Control of a Passenger Jet

Achieve reliable control of a passenger jet by tuning a controller for multiple operating modes of the plant.