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Call C Functions Using C Caller Block

This example shows how to use the C Caller block to call your handwritten C functions.

In this example, four custom C functions are defined in my_func.h, and implemented in my_func.c.

The header file and the source file are specified in ''Model Configuration Parameters > Simulation Target''. Then C functions can be called via C Caller blocks. For example, the block 'add' adds a signal and a constant together, and the block 'timesK' multiplies the signal by a parameter K. C Caller block supports C structure and enumeration types. Use command ''Simulink.importExternalCTypes'' to import these types into Simulink as matching Simulink.Bus object or Simulink.IntEnumType.

Set up custom C code in model configuration

Add '#include "my_func.h"' to ''Configuration Parameters > Simulation Target > Header File'' field.

Add 'include' to ''Configuration Parameters > Simulation Target > Include directories'' field.

Add 'src/my_func.c' to ''Configuration Parameters > Simulation Target > Source Files'' field.