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Interpret Results

Interpret Code Prover result message and navigate source code to find root cause of result

Polyspace® Code Prover™ checks C/C++ code for run-time errors. Check results appear in one of these colors:

  • Red (proven error)

  • Orange (unproven but possible error)

  • Green (proven absence of error)

For more details, see Code Prover Result and Source Code Colors (Polyspace Code Prover).

To review a result, trace back from the immediate location of the issue to previous related lines. The Polyspace Access™ web interface provide various conveniences such as range tooltips, function call hierarchy, and other navigation aids to help you with the traceback. Use these tools to locate the root cause of an issue and implement a fix. To understand what to look for when reviewing a particular type of check, see Reviewing Code Prover Run-Time Checks (Polyspace Code Prover).


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