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Specify damping parameters for transient structural model


ab = structuralDamping(___)



structuralDamping(structuralmodel,'proportional','Alpha',a,'Beta',b) specifies proportional (Rayleigh) damping parameters a and b for structuralmodel. The second argument must be 'proportional'.

ab = structuralDamping(___) returns the damping parameters object, using the previous syntax.


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Specify proportional (Rayleigh) damping parameters for a beam.

Create a transient structural model.

 structuralModel = createpde('structural','transient-solid');

Import and plot the geometry.

 gm = importGeometry(structuralModel,'SquareBeam.STL');

Specify the Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, and mass density.


Specify the Rayleigh damping parameters.

ans = 
  StructuralDampingAssignment with properties:

      RegionType: 'Cell'
        RegionID: 1
    DampingModel: 'proportional'
           Alpha: 10
            Beta: 2

Input Arguments

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Transient structural model, specified as a StructuralModel object. The model contains the geometry, mesh, structural properties of the material, body loads, boundary loads, boundary conditions, and initial conditions.

Example: structuralmodel = createpde('structural','transient-solid')

Mass proportional damping, specified as a real number.

Data Types: double

Stiffness proportional damping, specified as a real number.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Handle to damping parameters, returned as a StructuralDampingAssignment object.

Introduced in R2018a