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Signal Labeling

Manual and automated labeling of signal attributes, regions of interest, and points

Use deep learning to accelerate and automate feature labeling.


Signal LabelerLabel signal attributes, regions, and points of interest, and extract features


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edfheaderCreate header structure for EDF or EDF+ file (Since R2021a)
edfinfoGet information about EDF/EDF+ file (Since R2020b)
edfreadRead data from EDF/EDF+ file (Since R2020b)
edfwriteCreate or modify EDF or EDF+ file (Since R2021a)
paddataPad data by adding elements (Since R2023b)
resizeResize data by adding or removing elements (Since R2023b)
trimdataTrim data by removing elements (Since R2023b)
signalDatastoreDatastore for collection of signals (Since R2020a)
labeledSignalSetCreate labeled signal set
signalLabelDefinitionCreate signal label definition
signalMaskModify and convert signal masks and extract signal regions of interest (Since R2020b)
sigrangebinmaskLabel signal samples with values within a specified range (Since R2023a)
countlabelsCount number of unique labels (Since R2021a)
filenames2labelsGet list of labels from filenames (Since R2022b)
folders2labelsGet list of labels from folder names (Since R2021a)
splitlabelsFind indices to split labels according to specified proportions (Since R2021a)