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Money.Net Web Socket Interface

Current, intraday, historical, real-time, and news data from Money.Net using Money.Net web socket interface

With a connection to Money.Net using the Money.Net web socket interface, retrieve current, intraday, historical, and real-time market data. You can also retrieve current and real-time Money.Net news stories.


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moneynetwsCreate Money.Net web socket interface connection
closeClose Money.Net connection
isconnectionDetermine if Money.Net web socket interface connection is valid
getdataRetrieve Money.Net current data
getsubscriptionsRetrieve Money.Net subscribed symbols and event handler functions
newsSearch and stream Money.Net latest news stories
optionchainRetrieve Money.Net option symbols
realtimeRetrieve Money.Net real-time data
stopUnsubscribe Money.Net real-time data updates
timeseriesRetrieve Money.Net intraday and historical data