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Slot Antennas

Slot, vivaldi, offset cavity vivaldi, and antipodal vivaldi

Slot antennas are low profile antennas used in places where antenna installation space is limited. These antennas operate at ultra-high frequency (UHF) and are widely used as radar antennas and sector antennas used in cell-phone base stations. Vivaldi is a type pf slot antenna. It is a directive antenna used in ultra-wide band (UWB) applications due to the simple structure and small size. Antipodal Vivaldi comes under the group of end fire tapered slot antennas. This type of antennas is expected to provide medium gain with less side lobes and wide bandwidth.


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slotCreate rectangular slot antenna on ground plane
vivaldiCreate Vivaldi notch antenna on ground plane with exponential or linear tapering
vivaldiAntipodalCreate an antipodal Vivaldi element
vivaldiOffsetCavityCreate Vivaldi antenna with rectangular or circular offset cavity


showDisplay antenna, array structures or shapes
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