News for the MATLAB and Simulink community

July 2020

Reinforcement Learning: A Brief Guide

Learn the concepts, steps, and key terms in a branch of machine learning in which a computer learns to perform a task through repeated interactions with a dynamic environment.

Estimating the Frequency Response of a Power Electronics Model

Follow a six-step workflow for estimating the frequency response of an open-loop boost converter.

Models and Simulation Support Digital Twins and Industrial IoT

Case studies include one company that helps building operators reduce their energy use and another that transports bulk electricity from where it is generated to major industrial users.

Deep Learning for Speech and Audio Processing with NVIDIA GPUs

Learn how to use MATLAB and NVIDIA GPUs to build deep networks, accelerate data-intensive problems, and train multiple network configurations in parallel.

Find and Install MATLAB and Simulink Add-Ons Without Leaving MATLAB

Learn how to easily install products for which you are already licensed. Browse and search thousands of free MATLAB add-ons.

Franka Emika Robots

Simulink library for interfacing with the Franka Emika robot