Video and Webinar Series

Next Generation Aerospace Series

The Next Generation of Aerospace Programs goes beyond individual system design to cover complex Systems of Systems.

Efficient ways of collaboration among entities are crucial for these programs to be successful.

Common Working Environments, including tools and methods, enable collaboration and artifact exchange at different abstraction levels within all stages of the development cycle. In this series, you will see contents covering from mission to component design.

Design of Autonomous and Unmanned Aerial Systems In this webinar you learn about an integrated workflow for the entire development process for Autonomous and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) from Systems Engineering, Design, Deployment and Testing with MATLAB and Simulink.

Human Machine Collaboration in Aircraft Systems We will review some examples of how the new technologies help to succeed in the area of human-machine collaboration, one of the most important challenges for the success of the next generation of aircraft programs.

Collaborative Simulation and Integration Environments In this webinar you learn how Simulation with MATLAB and Simulink can support your development from Systems Engineering, Design, Deployment to Testing in a collaborative environment.

Radar Sensor Development Webinar will discuss about the new generation of radars mounted on airplane platforms. We will speak about the challenges that such projects have, how to deal with them and the tools that Mathworks provide to fulfill your project goals.

Model-based design for Airworthiness Security Compliance This webinar provides a technical overview on security challenges in the aerospace and defense domain. We present state-of-the-art methods for identification, risk assessment and mitigation of security threats.

Digital Engineering for Systems of Systems In this webinar you will learn how you can define your mission requirements and how you can evaluate the resources required using MATLAB and Simulink. You will also see how MathWorks can support your development for the design of systems in collaborative environments.

How Data Processing Can Enhance Your System Over Its Lifecycle In this session, you will learn how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to develop perception, sensor fusion, localization, multi-object tracking, and motion planning algorithms, among others.