Video and Webinar Series

Getting Started with the Avnet Ultra96

This four-part video series takes you through a complete process of prototyping, exploring, and deploying a color detection algorithm onto an Avnet® Ultra96 board using Xilinx® Model Composer. In this project, an algorithm processes a video input file and detects street signs based on color.

Part 1: Set Up the Project Learn where to find the hardware and software products needed for the project. Download​ MATLAB and Simulink from MathWorks, plus Model Composer and Vivado Design Suite from Xilinx.

Part 2: Simulate Using Model Composer Become familiar with the project workflow and simulate a color detection algorithm. Change system conditions and view simulation results. Create a final IP block and testbench.

Part 3: Import IP and Validate the Design Using Vivado Import a color detection IP block and testbench into Vivado and perform design validation. Then create a standalone design, validate the design and run behavioral simulation.

Part 4: Program the Design onto an FPGA Using Vivado Synthesize, implement, and program the color detection algorithm onto the Avnet Ultra96 hardware using Vivado.