Video and Webinar Series

Developing Electrical Systems with Simscape Electrical

Simulating electrical systems during development is a well-accepted approach to designing and verifying a product. Many engineers are familiar with SPICE software tools for simulating detailed circuits. Using SPICE has its challenges. Slow simulation speed is often noted as a frustration. It does not lend itself well to digital control design. System-level simulation is a complementary approach to developing electrical systems before investing in more detailed SPICE models.

Modeling and simulation are invaluable in supporting the development of electrical technology. In this video series, MathWorks engineers will introduce how Simscape Electrical™ maps to different stages of technology development by adjusting model fidelity based on the engineering task being conducted, helping engineers explore electrical design by providing hundreds of blocks of passive and active components, electrical supplies and loads, and prebuilt components and systems. Simscape Electrical models simulate fast and work with MATLAB® and Simulink® and a host of other MathWorks® products.

This video series is intended for engineers who are new to Simscape Electrical and want to understand the basics of how it is used to model electrical systems. Examples in the video series will include:

  • Developing a three-phase electrical system
  • Choosing the right solvers for improving simulation speed
  • Modeling a switched-mode power supply
  • Simulating a microgrid and energy storage
  • Performing electrical system design tradeoffs

After watching these videos, please join us for a live Q&A session on June 29 to speak with the MathWorks engineers featured in the videos.

Introduction to Electrical System Modeling Learn the fundamentals of Simscape Electrical and how to get started using it for electrical system modeling, simulating, and analyzing.

Simulating Switched-Mode Power Supply Learn how to model and simulate a switched-mode power supply that is generally used for laptop or mobile phone chargers. Develop, simulate, and tune a controller that maintains desired output voltage in the presence of input voltage variations.

Simulating a Microgrid with Energy Storage Learn how to develop and test interconnected AC and DC system simulation models through incremental creation, testing, and integration of components covering a range of fidelity levels.

Electrical System Design Tradeoffs Learn how Simscape Electrical is used with MATLAB and Simulink and explore the design tradeoffs for electrical system optimization and efficiency improvement.