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Training with MATLAB for Central Bank Teams

MathWorks offers more than 60 training courses, many of which may be of interest to economists who work for Central Banks, Regulators, and NGOs. The training courses below are available as public classes. Private training is also available for individual teams and groups, which lets you structure the courses and add any topics of interest, even if they are not standard offerings.

Training with MATLAB for Central Bank Teams


Learn about timetables for representing timeseries in MATLAB® and logical indexing for searching data by conditions, as well as workflows for portfolio optimization or econometric timeseries modeling.

Programming and Application Development

Use established practices to develop your applications, share complex code or data, and advance software development skills.

“We had introductory MATLAB training with a focus on Finance and a customized part on portfolio optimization. I found the training to be very engaging and productive, and excellent value for money. The training course by colleagues from MathWorks enabled us to align two separate teams who used different analysis platforms. This allowed us to start a MATLAB-based collaboration environment which lets both Risk management and Asset allocation units efficiently pool and reuse models to improve risk management and tactical asset allocation processes.”

Romualdas Zovė, Bank of Lithuania

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For questions about the training offerings, contact training@mathworks.com.