C2000 Microcontroller Blockset


C2000 Microcontroller Blockset

Design, simulate, and implement applications for Texas Instruments C2000 microcontrollers

Reference Applications

Reference applications for rapid prototyping of motor control and power conversion applications using TI C2000 evaluation kits and booster packs

Motor Control

Power Conversion

Product Highlights

Designing and Deploying C2000 Microcontroller Applications

Model embedded application software, generate real-time executables from your models, and run them on C2000 microcontrollers.

Peripheral Support

Model applications with on-chip and on-board peripherals such as ADC, digital I/O, ePWM, SPI, I2C, eCAP, eQEP, and more.

Signal Monitoring and Parameter Tuning

Perform real-time signal monitoring and parameter tuning using the Monitor and Tune feature.

Multicore Architecture Modeling

Partition algorithms for multicore execution with IPC and Control Law Accelerator (CLA) blocks.

Connected I/O Simulation

Connect your Simulink model directly to supported hardware for live I/O data exchange.

Code Verification and Validation

Perform code verification and validation using processor-in-the-loop tests with execution profiling (with Embedded Coder).

Supported Microcontroller Families

C2000 Microcontroller Blockset supports the following TI C2000 32-bit microcontroller families. The LaunchPads and controlCARDs for these MCUs are also supported, including most board peripherals.

TI C2000 Generation 2 Microcontrollers TI C2000 Generation 3 Microcontrollers TI C2000 Concerto Microcontrollers
  • F2806x
  • F2805x
  • F2803x
  • F2802x
  • F2833x
  • F281x
  • F280x
  • F2834x
  • F2838xD
  • F2838xS
  • F2837xD
  • F2837xS
  • F28004x
  • F28002x
  • F2807x
  • F28003x
  • F280015x
  • F280013x
  • F28P65x
  • F28M35x
  • F28M36x

“MathWorks tools enabled us to verify the quality of our design at multiple stages of development, and to produce a high-quality component within a short time frame.”

Markus Schertler, ATB Technologies