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ThingSpeak data has wrong Time Zone
Go here and set your timezone to match your setting: <>

9 maanden ago | 1

Thingspeak Talkback Idempotency issue
Out of curiosity, are you using talkbacks as a mechanism for 2 devices to synchronize values/state? If so, rather than a polling...

ongeveer 3 jaar ago | 0

Create new table wit differentiate or diff from existing timetable
You can extract the specific column, GasM3, from the timetable and use the diff function. Something like this: data = thingSpea...

meer dan 4 jaar ago | 1

Send an instance of speed from sensor to thingspeak repeatedly?
I'm assuming you have a loop in which you are reading the speed from the sensor. Or perhaps you have a callback function that ge...

ongeveer 5 jaar ago | 0

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