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parpool sorting out the default number of workers
Thanks for the follow on questions Bruno! Preferred Number of Workers in a Pool For parpool('processes') the number of workers...

4 maanden ago | 1

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Parallel pool takes extremely long to startup on virtual machines
Hi Chris, there are a unfortunately a few possibilities, your observation that the time is scaling with the number of workers on...

10 maanden ago | 0

reading saved gpuArray data with a non-gpu computer
This is now possible from R2019b. To quote from the gpuArray documentation: "You can load MAT files containing gpuArray data a...

meer dan 3 jaar ago | 2

NVLinked RTX8000 and large matrix inversion
I'm afraid you won't be able to treat the two cards as a single card in this situation. The underlying system will still see the...

bijna 4 jaar ago | 0

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Maximum variable size on GPU exceeded on one machine and not others
You are correct that the limit you are hitting is intmax('int32'). This does impose a hard limit on the size of gpuArrays. This ...

meer dan 5 jaar ago | 1

MatLab Compiled Executable uses one Processor only in a Windows 10 Dual Processor Xeon CPU E5-2699v4 Configuration
I think the problem you are seeing might be an issue with how some of our matrix math libraries are affinitizing to your machine...

bijna 6 jaar ago | 0

Matlab R2017a ( crashes when calling functions from the Parallel Computing Toolbox (MacOS Sierra 10.12.5)
The error may be a result of the ulimit settings being too low. To check ulimit, open Terminal and run the following: >>...

bijna 6 jaar ago | 1

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reset(gpuDevice) does not work
I think you are experiencing the symptoms of a kernel execution time-out. If the GPU is connected to a monitor (or in Windows th...

bijna 7 jaar ago | 4

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