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Is the SURF algorithm implemented in MATLAB HDL friendly?
Hi Sonali & Armin, Did you know that MathWorks has a toolbox that, along with HDL Coder, allows you to generate Verilog or VHDL...

meer dan 3 jaar ago | 0

Hdl black and white image blob analysis
Hello Ismail, Traditional blob analysis is not efficient on FPGAs due to the multipass nature of the algorithm. For real-time ...

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The 5th Root
Write a function to find the 5th root of a number. It sounds easy, but the typical functions are not allowed (see the test su...

meer dan 6 jaar ago

Generate HDL code from SVM function in Matlab.
Hi Mohamed, The SVM function or ClassificationSVM object are not directly supported for HDL code generation but you can build...

meer dan 6 jaar ago | 0

How to get 2D matrix of pixels from visionhdl.frame2pixels to operate with blocks?
Hi Vladislav The output of the Vision HDL Toolbox is a pixel stream that can be realized in an FPGA or ASIC using VHDL or Ver...

ongeveer 8 jaar ago | 0

What does the LineBufferSize property of Median Filter actually mean?
Hi Vladislav, Yes, you have correctly understood the LineBufferSize property for the Median Filter. It is the length of t...

ongeveer 8 jaar ago | 0

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