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How to use variables from other functions/load issue
Well in order for the variables from one function to another in a GUI you would need to assign them to handles or pass them as ...

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How to separate bounding boxes into separate images(figures)?
Well in order to extract the characters separately, you can calculate the boundries which will contain the starting and ending v...

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Hi! I've converted a grayscale img to binary using im2bw() now i wanna do the opposite i.e convert the binary image to a grayscale image. How can I do that?
In order to convert back to the original grey scale you could multiply the binarizedImage with the original Image. Walter Rob...

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Set the same y axis scale on two plots
Since you are using subplots to plot the data you can use link axis to link the desired axis. Here's the link that explains in m...

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Creating 3x201 matrix from set of numbers
Matt's answer is the most efficient. However since you mentioned you needed to do it specifically with for loops here's the code...

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draw a line with known slope and one set of coordinates
I know the coordinates of the starting position of the line (x1,y1). I also know the angle the line makes how to find the second...

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Calculate heading angle and Azimuth
I have data that records the 2D movement of an animal over time(head coordinates, tail coordinates and centroid). I want to calc...

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