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How to make video as below
Basically this called "animation" and there are several different ways how to perform it. You can find a lot of stuff at this pa...

ongeveer 3 jaar ago | 0

Error in tgspcread and reshape
Error 1: This may be related only to variable data, it have such size that can't be reshaped to desired numbers of rows (x) an...

bijna 4 jaar ago | 0

How to ncread a variable with spaces in its title?
Could you please show your data? Have you tried to use quotes? ncread(...,'sea ice concentration')

bijna 4 jaar ago | 1

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Define a column-vector that contains the number from 10
% (a) zeros(250,1) % (b) ones(250,1) % (c) ones(250,1)*2 % (d) [ones(100,1); zeros(150,1)]

meer dan 4 jaar ago | 0