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Using scenarios in test assessment blocks within an observer
I think using Simulink.Parameter that maps to the Scenario Parameter will allow you to use synchronize scenarios across models. ...

bijna 2 jaar ago | 0

How to use Test Sequence as a function call for a test harness
It seems to me from the image that you posted of the step that the same Test Sequence Block is being used to schedule and drive ...

bijna 2 jaar ago | 1

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Parsing Test Manager Information with Nested Folders
I think the logic maybe in the way "GetTestCaseArray" function works. Here is one I wrote that will work for either one of these...

bijna 2 jaar ago | 0

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How to force the test harness to a defined sample time ?
You could use change the configuration setting after creating the harness. sltest.harness.create(model,'Name','sample_harness')...

ongeveer 2 jaar ago | 1

Export Logged Signals While Using Test Manager
Here is the command to generate a report using the command line, this has the options to "includeSimulationSignalPlots". http...

meer dan 6 jaar ago | 0

SIL- Test Harness
Hi Ravi, You would need to install "Simulink Test" + "Embedded Coder" products in order to create a "SIL test harness". Upon ...

meer dan 6 jaar ago | 1

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