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What is the unit of sigma in the function imgaussfilt?
Hey Jona, The sigma (standard deviation for the Gaussian Distribution) is supposed to be a positive number or a two element vec...

6 dagen ago | 0

xticklabels in bar plot being messy
Hey Doron Ben Shachar! As can be seen from the above two images the number of data points in the vector "ratio" is different, w...

10 dagen ago | 0

PowerPoint API duplicate slide
Hi Tamas, Currently there is no direct way for duplicating slides using the MATLAB report generator. But there are a couple of ...

ongeveer een maand ago | 0

Problem using planetEphemeris function
Hi Ken, You are recieving this error message because the function "planetEphemeris" uses '405' ephemerides coefficient as defau...

ongeveer 2 maanden ago | 0

How to create 3D volume plot of curved object with thickness
Hi Shawn, As can be seen from the figure provided in the question, the edges of the top and the bottom surface will serve as th...

3 maanden ago | 0

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Exporting Curves to Density Plot
Hi Kendall, You can extract the data from the curve variable "f", obtained using the "fit" function, by using the coefficients ...

3 maanden ago | 1

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stiff ODE system plots disappear when I increase axes limits
Hi Michela, The limits that you have chosen are very much out of bounds what the data is achieving. You can either let the limi...

3 maanden ago | 0