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MATLAB : Aligning RGB Channels
%Read the image img = imread('course1image.jpg'); [r,c] = size(img); B = img(1:r/3,:); G = img((r/3)+1:(2*r/3),:); R = im...

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Color Imaging - RGB Channels
img = imread('image.jpeg'); subplot(1, 2, 1); imshow(img); [rows, columns, numberOfColorChannels] = size(img) rowsForOneImag...

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MATLAB: Image Gradient Magnitude : Compute: Sobel Image Gradients (Gx and Gy) Gradient magnitude (Gmag) and Gradient direction(Gdir)
img=imread('cameraman.tif'); [Gx,Gy]=imgradientxy(img,'sobel'); %Uncomment the code below to visualize Gx and Gy figure i...

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