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spitting up a character
How about htis? clear c = '1357320676222345'; L = length(c); out=repmat('0',[1 3*L]); i=1; k=1; while i < L if (...

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duffing equation ODE45
Pass an array of tpan points. From the ode45 documentation: tspan — Interval of integration vector Interval of integration...

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Saving an image from subplots in a uipanel
You could copy the axes objects to a temporary figure. name={'plotx' 'ploty' 'plotz'}; pos=getpixelposition(get(handle...

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[fmincon] Can I use the fmincon when the objective funtion is not analytic, i.e., when the objective funtion includes variables that changes at each iteration ?
Calculations of a=a(x) and b=b(x) can incorporated inside the objective function. All the optimizer cares about is how the outp...

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Show a particular tab in the web browser
Suppose that I have two tabs open in MATLAB's web browser. [~,A]=web('','-new'); [~,B]=web('','-new'...

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Scaled figure class
Accurate graphic sizing when ScreenPixelsPerInch is not available

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