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Claudio Iturra

University of Concepcion

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Ph.D Student in Oceanography University of Concepcion Concepcion, Chile.


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help with analysis currents measurement plot.
Hello Freddy, I can help you with this..... 1) Use the function textscan to read your text file. 2) Separate each variable. 3...

meer dan 2 jaar ago | 1

Send trigger signal from pc to smarthphone (or vice versa) via Bluetooth
Hello, check this answer..

meer dan 2 jaar ago | 0

How to apply directional gaussian filters?
Here you can find a solution...

meer dan 2 jaar ago | 0

How to get coordinates for a specific contour line?
x = -2:0.2:2; y = -2:0.2:3; [X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y); hold on % to your meshgrid a specific value for your contour. [x1,y1] = c...

meer dan 2 jaar ago | 1

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How to separate month and year?
Hello, you can run the follow example, using num2str to create a string, choose specific element of your vector and then go back...

meer dan 2 jaar ago | 0