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Solving and plotting 2nd order ODE
This is constant, whose numerical value is depending on initial conditions. You can either specify it directly, per Solve syste...

ongeveer een jaar ago | 1

How do I use fscanf to read correctly?
Fscanf tries to read whole file at once, but does output it along rows, hence your problem occurs. You could try other maneuvers...

bijna 3 jaar ago | 0

ode45 is not generating the proper graph for this 1st order diff. eqn.
It is working fine as far as I've tested it: clear,close all,clc hw0p4func = @(t,x) (5*x)+3; initial = [0 0]; time = [0 ...

bijna 3 jaar ago | 0

| accepted

Solve system of differntial equation with one variable
One easy way to solve ODE's is using ode45 solver. Define your derivative function in separate file, just as in your question: ...

meer dan 3 jaar ago | 0

GPU code to numerically integrate parameterized function
I tried to do it, however arrayfun does not allow to insert custom functions: radianceGpu = arrayfun( @(lower,upper) integral(@...

bijna 4 jaar ago | 0

How can I specify the file path for csvwrite to write a file to?
You can always use hard way and do: >> cd C:/'Program Files'/... >> csvwrite('file.dat',M); Because csvwrite documentat...

bijna 6 jaar ago | 0

Using 'subs' in parallel for more than one equation
Repmat is one of solutions: E = subs(E,repmat([x1 y1],5,1),repmat([x2 y2],5,1)) Where 5,1 are 5-row 1-column copies of a...

bijna 6 jaar ago | 1