Problem 42769. GJam March 2016 IOW: Cody's Jams

Created by Richard Zapor in Community

This Challenge is derived from GJam March 2016 Annual I/O for Women Cody's Jam. This is a mix of the small and large data sets.

The GJam story goes that a store is having a 25% off sale and ordered original and sale price labels. Unfortunately the labels came commingled in increasing numeric value. Find the sale prices.

Input: m , Vector length N<=100 with values <=10^9.

Output: v , Vector containing the Sale price tags

Examples: [m] [v]

[15 20 60 75 80 100] creates v=[15 60 75]
[9 9 12 12 12 15 16 20] creates v=[9 9 12 15]

Google Code Jam 2016 Open Qualifier: April 8, 2016

Complete Code Jam Input/Output included in Test Suite. The women's competition had 500 entrants. The qualifier winner was USA Stacy992 using Java. The top 60 show strength in USA, Russia, China, and South Korea under Contest Dashboard.

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