Nested Structures using Buses in Simulink

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Andres on 15 Jun 2011
Hello again, I have another question on the same line.
Finally I managed to create nested structures with buses, the point is that when I use the Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStruct('Buses') command the resultant structure is like this:
Nested_Struct: [1x1 struct]
Number_Nested_Structures: 20
Param_A: 0
Param_B: 0
Insted of what I want which is:
Nested_Struct: [1x20 struct]
Number_Nested_Structures: 20
Param_A: 0
Param_B: 0
I do not need to use the Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStruct for anything, it is just to illustrate. What I want to do is access through a S-function block or an emedded matlab block to differents indexes of the Nested_Struct, depending on certain conditions.
Note: The number of nested structures change dynamically.
By the way I'm using Matlab 2010a.
Thank you very much.
PS: Which will it be the best block or way to load data in the model for the second structure?.

Answers (1)

Andres on 16 Jun 2011
I think that there is not way to do it without updating the realese of Matlab
Andres on 3 Aug 2011
I made it work with the new Matlab realese 2011a.
Thank you.

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