how do I plot one channel of data when I have 100 channels?

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I have 100 channels of data in matlab, each channel has 300 samples (100 rows x 300 columns) . How do I select out one channel and plot it on its own?

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Michael Völker
Michael Völker on 22 Oct 2013
data = randn(100,300); % bad example for actual data
channel = 76; % select channel to plot
figure, plot( data(channel,:) );
And also read here.
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Niamh Mc Devitt
Niamh Mc Devitt on 22 Oct 2013
Hi, That's great is there also a way to determine whether this data is periodic? Thanks, N.

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sixwwwwww on 22 Oct 2013
Edited: sixwwwwww on 22 Oct 2013
Here is the code for this:
select_channel = 10; % select channel you want to plot
M = rand(100, 300); % It is matrix which contain data for all channels
plot(M(select_channel, :)) % It plots data for selected channel
I hope it gives you idea. Good luck!
sixwwwwww on 22 Oct 2013
There could be many possible ways for it. Currently in my mind is Fourier transform because Fourier transform of periodic data creates discrete spectrum and Fourier transform of aperiodic data creates continuous spectrum. Can you share your data so that it could be sorted out?

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