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Convert XML file to a MATLAB structure

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I'm trying to convert a XML file to a matlab structure (I want to use numbers and data from the file), I've tried to use the suggested XML parse function from the website, but it does not work.
Is there another function or is there someone who could explain how to use the function? BR Johan

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Jun 2011
Have you tried the built-in xmlread ? If so then what happened when you tried to use it?

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Pritom Kumar Saha
Pritom Kumar Saha on 3 Aug 2021
S = readstruct("abcd.xml")
it works on my matlab version.
It should work on matlab 2020b or higher version.
Seth on 9 Mar 2022
This worked for me very well - thank you!
xmlread did not work well for my files/data. This is a good example of why this site is so helpful!
S. Gokhun Tanyer
S. Gokhun Tanyer on 19 Dec 2022
Thanks, worked elegantly. No problem left on my side. Thanks again!

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Brad on 12 Sep 2011

wildan on 12 Oct 2011
How to convert DWG to XML. DWG is format from AutoCAD

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