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How can I generate probabilities from a logistic regression?

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I have 5 continuous variables and I want to generate probabilities for each one in terms of a binary outcome variable. For instance, given a set of cholesterol levels and past 10-year morbidity (binary), how would I generate the probability of dying given a cholesterol of 300? I know logistic and probit regressions can give you a measure of the significance of predictor variables. How I can I generate the probabilities.

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Jonathan LeSage
Jonathan LeSage on 16 Oct 2013
If you have the Statistics Toolbox, you can fit a logistic regression with mnrfit function and then estimate probabilities using the mnrval function. Here is a link to an example in the documentation to get you started:
Hope this helps!
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Ed on 16 Oct 2013
Thanks. That helps. I had seen that example before but was thrown by a typo in the example code.

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