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Undefined function or method 'markers2' for input arguments of type 'double'

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I get this error when ever i run the code below
scatter(data(1,clusters{cc}), data(2,clusters{cc}), ...
The problem is i don't what markers2 is doing and how can i remove this error.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Oct 2013
Search your entire code and all other m-files in the folder or search path. Use "Find Files" button. Did it find markers2 anywhere else?

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Accepted Answer

Jonathan LeSage
Jonathan LeSage on 15 Oct 2013
You're calling a function, markers2. Since this is not a standard MATLAB function, you should have a file in your directory named 'markers2.m'. If not, this line of code will not work.
If you remove markers2, you can at least plot your data.
scatter(data(1,clusters{cc}), data(2,clusters{cc}))
Consult the documentation for scatter for additional help with other acceptable inputs.

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