How do I create dropdown lists in gui based on folders, subfolders, and file names

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I have a large amount of data that I want to process and view in a plot in a GUI. To get to the data that needs to be plotted, There are 4 folders (aka levels) that the user needs to select. In other words, the first drop down list has to have a list of the 30 folders in the data set. The second dropdown list has to have a list of the 4 folders that are in the folder specified by the first dropdown list. The third dropdown shows all the folders in the folder indicated in the second dropdown, and the fourth shows all the files in the folder indicated in the third list. The file selected in the fourth list will then be read, analyzed, and graphed. The number of subfolders within a given folder varies. Please help!
Karthik on 7 Oct 2013
My question is: How do I create cascading drop down lists where the options in the second drop down list depends on the item selected in the first (and so on) using GUIDE? So far all I've really been able to do is show that I want 4 drop down lists in the gui. I'm assuming that I need to create the lists programmatically because the number of options within each list varies with the option selected in the first dropdown list.

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