Regarding issue in generation of .exe incorporating FLIR ATLAS MATLAB SDK command using MATLAB

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We are trying to develop an application that requires incorporating FLIR ATLAS MATLAB SDK toolkit. Our code in the MATLAB IDE runs perfectly well. After this, we tried to make an executable file using the deploytool command of the MATLAB. Using this command the .exe is generated. However, when we run this executable file, the application runs fine only till that step, which doesn't require FLIR command and stops afterwards. We have tried several options on our side by placing the requisite .dll file in the reasonable folders during the .exe file generation, yet this doesn't solve the matter.

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David Fuster Signes
David Fuster Signes on 8 Feb 2022
Edited: David Fuster Signes on 8 Feb 2022
I have the same issue. The executable file generated doesnt work. Did you solved the problem? thank you

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