Calculations of Angle between two points

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Yadu Bhusal
Yadu Bhusal on 6 Aug 2021
Commented: Yadu Bhusal on 7 Aug 2021
How to generate code using for loop to calculate angle between the points A and B. Similarly between points B and C and so on. I have attached figure.
Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 6 Aug 2021
You need 3 points to define an angle.
Yadu Bhusal
Yadu Bhusal on 7 Aug 2021
Yes. Suppose i want to calculate angle between AP and AB. I can use either cosine law of dot product to find angle between. But, in actual case, I need a code to generate angle. For example P( 1 2 3), A(000),B(111),C(222). I would like to put these coordinates in a single array like S = [000;111;222]. Then i have to generate code using for loop to find angle between point P and the listed coordinates in array. I hope you understand my question.

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Answers (2)

M.B on 6 Aug 2021
Edited: M.B on 6 Aug 2021
As mensioned by others, you need 3 points or two vectors to define an angle.
You can use this code to compute the angle defined by three points at p1:
p1 = [x1_coordinate, y1_coordinate, z1_coordinate];% p1, p2, and p3 are your three points
p2 = [x2_coordinate, y2_coordinate, z2_coordinate];
p3 = [x3_coordinate, y3_coordinate, z3_coordinate];
vect1 = (p3 - p1)/ norm(p3-p1);
vect2 = (p2 - p1) / norm(p2 - p1);
angle = atan2(norm(cross([vect2;vect1])), dot(vect1, vect2));% *180/pi if you want it in degrees
J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 6 Aug 2021
Your code does not work...did you mean
Yadu Bhusal
Yadu Bhusal on 7 Aug 2021
According to my question I want to find angle between AP and AB. Angle between BP and BC and finally CP and CB. I need a code to run program using for loop to calculate angle. And furthermore i want to list points A, B and C in a single array which for example, i have posted in above comment.

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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 6 Aug 2021
If you have the list of 3D coordinates
rng(1) % control random generator
NPoints = 5
NPoints = 5
vertices = rand(NPoints,3)
vertices = 5×3
0.4170 0.0923 0.4192 0.7203 0.1863 0.6852 0.0001 0.3456 0.2045 0.3023 0.3968 0.8781 0.1468 0.5388 0.0274
You can define the list of angles (you have specified 4 specific angles in your figure, assuming your coordinate numbering and that "p" is the fifth) that you want by a trio of indices, asserting the convention that you want the angle about the 2nd point in the trio (second column)
T = [
T = 4×3
5 1 2 5 2 3 5 3 4 5 4 3
By the way it is ambiguous whether you intend points 1-4 to be co-linear.
Then your workhorse angle calculator function can be defined as below so that
for i = 1:size(T,1)
th(i) = AngleFinder(vertices(T(i,:),:))
th = 2.1337
th = 1×2
2.1337 0.3245
th = 1×3
2.1337 0.3245 1.8679
th = 1×4
2.1337 0.3245 1.8679 0.3338
Workshorse angle calculator (probably same result as above answer by M.B)
function th = AngleFinder(verts)
v = verts([1,3],:) - verts(2,:); % vectors you want the angle between
% use the relation that cos(th) = dot(v1,v2)/||v1||/||v2||
th = acos(dot(v(1,:),v(2,:))/prod(sqrt(sum(v.^2,2))));
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Yadu Bhusal
Yadu Bhusal on 7 Aug 2021
Thanks to all who tried to help me. But still it didn't work. I tried but the angles didn't match and angle with hand calculations. I have posted a sample of program. I have to calculate the distance from each point (inside A)to calculation point P and also the angles from each point to calculation point P.

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