Unable to launch Simulink Onramp Online

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I am unable to launch the online version of Simulink Onramp. Whenever I click on this icon, a loading icon appears for a brief moment and then nothing happens. Can someone please help? I have also tried via the Matlab application on my laptop, the Simulink page keeps on loading and is unresponsive.
Amirou  Sanoussy
Amirou Sanoussy on 6 Feb 2022
Its probably the browser client youre using. Use microsoft edge and not google chrome.

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Accepted Answer

Gowrishankar Jagannathan
Gowrishankar Jagannathan on 8 Aug 2021
Turn off VPN Client if any, that solved my problem.

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Vignesh Murugavel
Vignesh Murugavel on 4 Aug 2021
try re-instaling the matlab application or try to open it in an another system
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Gowrishankar Jagannathan
Gowrishankar Jagannathan on 8 Aug 2021
I was connected to my client VPN, that was the issue. Once I turned it off, Simulink worked just fine. The tutorial requires Matlab to be installed on the computer.

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