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Counting people in a moving crowd from a video

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MaHa on 1 Aug 2021
Edited: Ananya Tewari on 4 Aug 2021
Hello, I would like to count the number of people from a video.
The cameraman films the crowd from above, and is walking through it, therefore the scene is moving, and the crowd too in the opposite direction.
The quality is similar to this image (Berlin 1989 crowd) :
I thought that I could separate the video into multiple images and count the number of people to have an estimation of it, but a proper video counter would be amazing too. I have seen some examples using python for a static scene, I wonder if there is a Matlab solution for a moving scene. I checked the computer vision toolbox, but it seems very dense with dozens of image classification techniques and I don't have any experience with computer vision, and a medium Matlab experience, so if someone could point me to the right direction, I would be thankful.
MaHa on 2 Aug 2021
Thanks both, I will try my best. Do you have particular methods to recommend ?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 3 Aug 2021
I don't but I would start by looking for examples. I'm sure this has been done before.

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Answers (1)

Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 4 Aug 2021
Edited: Ananya Tewari on 4 Aug 2021
This could be a good demo for you to start. This example shows how to perform automatic detection and tracking of people in a video from a moving camera. Use this MATLAB command to open the example.

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