Why am i getting the same error while plotting a function?

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I want to create a plot for the below given function. But, I always get the same error. The code for the plotting is:
syms a m n b r s phi E D ri ro u;
ro = 80;
E = 210000;
s = 1;
u = 3./10;
D = (E.*s.^3)./(12.*(1-u.^2));
a = 0.005;
m = 1.1492;
n = 2;
b = 0.6158;
Pi = sym(pi);
assume(r >= ri);
assume(r <= ro);
ri = linspace(5, 15, 100);
z = exp(a.*r).*((r-ri).^2).*((r-ro).^2).*cos(n.*(tan(b).*log(ri./r) + phi))./(r.^m);
dzr = diff(z,r);
dzrr = diff(dzr,r);
dzp = diff(z,phi);
dzpp = diff(dzp,phi);
dzrp = diff(dzr,phi);
q2inside = ((1./r.^3).*dzr.*dzp).*r;
q2inint = vpaintegral(q2inside,phi,[0 2.*Pi]);
q2 = (-1).*vpaintegral(q2inint,r,[ri ro]);
q1inside = (D.*((dzrr + (1./r).*dzr + (1./r.^2).*dzpp).^2 + 2.*(1-u).*(((1./r).*dzrp - (1./r.^2).*dzp).^2 - dzrr.*((1./r).*dzr + (1./r.^2).*dzpp)))).*r;
q1inint = vpaintegral(q1inside,r,[ri ro]);
q1 = Pi.*vpaintegral(q1inint,phi,[0, 2.*Pi]);
Mkrit = q1./q2;
q = double(abs(Mkrit));
plot(ri, q)
The error that i am encountering is :
Operands to the logical and (&&) and or (||) operators must be convertible to logical scalar values.
Error in sym/vpaintegral (line 182)
(isinf(b) && isempty(symvar(b)) && ~isreal(b))
Error in Graph_Try (line 23)
q2 = (-1).*vpaintegral(q2inint,r,[ri ro]);
Sarbhanu Saha
Sarbhanu Saha on 26 Aug 2021
Sorry but i don't understand what you mean to say. In the question, i did give the whole formula. But if you want the actual formula in one part, then the below one is that.
z = exp(a*r)*((r-ri)^2)*((r-ro)^2)*cos(n*(tan(b)*log(ri/r) + phi))/(r^m);
Mkrit = (pi*vpaintegral(vpaintegral((D*((diff(z,r,2) + (1/r)*diff(z,r) + (1/r^2)*diff(z,phi,2))^2 + 2*(1-u)*(((1/r)*diff(diff(z,r),phi) - (1/r^2)*diff(z,phi))^2 - diff(z,r,2)*((1/r)*diff(z,r) + (1/r^2)*diff(z,phi,2)))))*r,r,[ri ro]),phi,[0 2*pi]))/((-1)*vpaintegral(vpaintegral(((1/r^3)*diff(z,r)*diff(z,phi))*r,r,[ri ro]),phi,[0 2*pi]));
q = abs(Mkrit);

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Answers (1)

G A on 26 Aug 2021
Edited: G A on 26 Aug 2021
doc vpaintegral
vpaintegral(f,a,b) numerically approximates f from a to b.
vpaintegral(f,[a b]) is equal to vpaintegral(f,a,b).
vpaintegral(f,x,a,b) performs numerical integration using the integration variable x.
in all cases a and b are scalars or return scalars if they are symbolic functions or expressions
ri = linspace(5, 15, 100); is a vector


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