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Calling a GUI from excel and keeping it open

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Johan on 6 Jun 2011
Hi there, need a way to keep a GUI called from excel VBA code open, I am using matlab automation server as my code below shows:
Private Sub openmatlab()
Dim hMatlab As Object
Dim sDir As String, scdDir As String, s1 As String
Dim Result As String
Set hMatlab = CreateObject("matlab.application")
s1 = "'"
sDir = s1 & ActiveWorkbook.path & s1
scdDir = "cd(" & sDir & ")"
hMatlab.Execute (scdDir)
Result = hMatlab.Execute("starter")
MsgBox "Matlab er lukket", vbOK, "Matlab"
End Sub
As you might be able to see I am using a messagebox to stop the GUI from shutting down, but that makes excel "blink" all the time, and is annoying, any thoughts on how to do it better?


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Answers (2)

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 6 Jun 2011
In your VBA code you could try the option
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
I have no experience of running matlab from Excel, but that used to stop the "blinking" back in the day when I ran macros.


Johan on 6 Jun 2011
yeah, already tried that, but it doesn't work, besides I would like a solution that doesn't involve using the msgbox, which is kinda 'cheating' in my opinion.

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Johan on 7 Jun 2011
really no thoughts on this?


Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 7 Jun 2011
if you provide a bit more details?
What is your matlab function doing? Is it a GUI? and do you want to wait until the GUI closes before control returns to excel?
If so have you tried uiwait(yourGUIHandle). That should stop it.

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