How to add Picture and Table on the same slide in ppt MATLAB report generation?

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I want to add image and table on the same slide . Since there are many layout availble . (layouts = getLayoutNames(ppt,masters{1}))
Which layout should I use for the same ?

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Vignesh Murugavel
Vignesh Murugavel on 28 Jul 2021
You can create a custom slide with picture and table in same slide.
Refer the below Link to know more about how to create a custom template
You can add a slide using the PPT API. You can find out the slide layout name in PowerPoint and using the API.
Refer Link for more info:

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Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 3 Aug 2021
Hi Kaustubh,
You can use the "Two Content" layout to add a picture and table to the same slide.
Below is an example:
% Create a presentation
import mlreportgen.ppt.*
ppt = Presentation("myPresentation.pptx");
% Add a slide using the "Two Content" layout
slide = add(ppt,"Two Content");
replace(slide,"Title","Slide with Picture and Table")
% Add a picture on the left side of the slide
replace(slide,"Left Content",Picture(which("b747.jpg")));
% Add a table on the right side of the slide
replace(slide,"Right Content",Table(magic(5)));
% Close and view the presentation
If you wish to customize the placeholders location or add more placeholders to it, you can setup a custom template to add a customized layout by following the link:


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