eGPU set up for Simbiology calculation

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Hello. I have to run a project in Simbiology via Macbook pro mid 2020 and the calculation is so slow. Can I use the eGPU (NVIDIA TITAN V) to boost up its calculation?. In case of it is possible, how can I do that?.
P.S. I run Simbiology in Windows OS.
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 27 Jul 2021
No, SimBiology does not currently have any built-in support for GPU calculations.
I suggest profiling to see what code is taking a long time to execute. If you are doing lots of simulations, you can often speed them up by roughly 20-fold using accelerated simulations. Another common strategy to improve performance is to parallelize your task using the Parallel Computing Toolbox. If you are using SimBiology's graphical user interface, you will see options to accelerate and to enable parallelization on many of the programs.
Lastly, if you're running Windows in a VM, you'll also probably find that the calculations are faster if you use the native macOS instead.

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