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Is it possible to create a road at once in shp file data?

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Sudip Laudari
Sudip Laudari on 26 Jul 2021
Edited: Sudip Laudari on 26 Jul 2021
I am trying to create a road by using lidar data. I have shp files. Which includes lane, link, node.
I was able to upload data in roadrunner but I didn't find an option to generate road at once by following link.
I can create road and link one by one but it takes time. So My question : Can we generate road at once like we can do scan road in opendrive data?

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KSSV on 26 Jul 2021
S = shaperead(filename) ;
P = [[S(:).X]' [S(:).Y]'] ;
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Sudip Laudari
Sudip Laudari on 26 Jul 2021
@KSSV How do I use this answer? I am using roadrunner in windows. Where do I update this lines to make road in shp files links?
Could you please provide more explanation?
Thank you

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