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How to make scatter

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Agnes Diza Fahira
Agnes Diza Fahira on 24 Jul 2021
Commented: dpb on 24 Jul 2021
i want to make scatter but like this, how can i do this???
i want that graph is have two y axis and two x axis with same scale
in the picture I edited it using pain to add line on the top and right of the graph
i want to do this with matlab
thanks before and sorry for my bad english
dpb on 24 Jul 2021
Well, I'll never get to your or Walter's stratospheric levels, so I'll not be holding my breath... :) But, I can't complain re: my treatment from TMW to date, in fact, I'm very grateful.
And being at point that "I no longer buy green bananas" is beginning to not be so far off, odds aren't necessarily in my favor... :)

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Accepted Answer

dpb on 24 Jul 2021
Per IA's direction...with a correction for the data variables--dpb :)
You don't need two axes for that, just hold on
hold on
hL=plot([0 10],[0 10],'k-');
box on
with the other parameters of color, marker style, etc., etc., ... as you wish.

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KSSV on 24 Jul 2021
  1. Fit striaght line to the given data using polyfit.
  2. Plot the line using plot function.
  3. Use hold on
  4. Plot the given data using scatter.
  5. To put a legend use legend.
Also have a look on the function plotregression.
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dpb on 24 Jul 2021
Re: 1. above, the line isn't the OLS fit of the data but the 1:1 45 of the input:output that would be the perfect correlation.

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