Error initializing the driver hardware/ Error using HUMUSOFT MF634

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I am using the Humusoft MF634 card to communicate with my hardware. When I run the model after shutting down I get the following error:
A temporary solution I found for now is to restart my PC every time I get this error.
I also came accross a question in community regarding this, they suggested to update the drivers. In my PC, hardware drivers are up to date, here is the image:
Is there any way to overcome this(restarting every time)?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 20 Jul 2021
Hi Nagendra,
please try to upgrade the Humusoft MF634 driver to version 2.94, available for download here.
Best Regards, Jan
Nagendra Vankadari
Nagendra Vankadari on 22 Jul 2021
Dear Jan,
Can you please provide me the drivers for the MF614 card also?
Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 26 Jul 2021
Hi Nagendra,
the MF614 board has been discontinued in 2006 and is no more supported. We do not have drivers for MF614 that would have been tested with the latest versions of Windows 10. You can still use driver version 2.11 available here which should work in most cases. If you have issues with proper board start-up after starting your PC, you may try to disable the "fast startup" feature of Windows 10 that is the source of problems in many cases.
Good Luck, Jan

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