Error scaling x-axis in Matlab?

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Soeun Lee
Soeun Lee on 20 Jul 2021
Answered: Jonas on 20 Jul 2021
Hi. I would like to scale the x-axis (the time axis) in Matlab to start at 150 and end at 260. Below is my code and I keep getting the error "Error using xlim. Limits must be a 2-element vector with increasing durations.". How can I fix this? Thank you in advance!
threshold = -0.0001;
[pks,locs] = findpeaks(-neural.spikes,'MinPeakHeight',abs(threshold));
plot(neural.Time,neural.spikes); hold on
line([min(neural.Time) max(neural.Time)],[threshold threshold],'color','r','LineWidth',1)
xlim([150 210]);
scatter(neural.Time(locs),-pks,'r'); hold off

Answers (1)

Jonas on 20 Jul 2021
variable is of type duration, then your xlim values have to be type duration too i guess


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