How to process mat-files saved by Simulink Data Inspector in Matlab?

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Is the code that Simulink Data Inspector (SDI) uses to import the mat-file also available to use in matlab to automate the process of making reports?
If you save simulation data in the SDI you can import those mat-files in to Matlab. The data from the mat-file is not as neatly categorised when imported in Matlab as it is in the SDI. SDI returns data labelled with all the relevant run data, while Matlab returns a structure with labels and separate structures with the actual data.
I would like to import several mat-files including multiple simulation results and than perform some static analyses, like mean, deviation etc (all standard matlab functions). And than represent the results.
So what I would like to know is how to read SDIDescriptor and assign the labels of the runs to the structs containing the actual data. SDI does this already, but I cannot find how.

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 25 Sep 2013
You should check out the SDI API.
This should get you started in understanding how you can programatically interact with SDI. If you run into any roadblocks you can ask again here, contact tech support for more help or submit an enhancement request if the feature you need doesn't exist.


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