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Using more than one file directory path in the same script ?

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I have my script like this way
dataDirectory = 'files location ';
allFilesDir = dir(fullfile(dataDirectory , '*.txt'));
allFN = {};
result = [];
for n = 1:length(allFN)
measNr(n) = str2double(regexprep(allFN{n},'**.txt',''));
myFN = (fullfile(dataDirectory, allFN{n}));
auxv =try1(myFN);
result(n,:) = mean(;
then i will plot my data
I want to change the file dataDirectory to another path and perform the same code for these data . How could i do that ?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 Sep 2013
What you have there looks like would work if you added another for-loop over data directory.
Thus dataDirectory would be a cell or struct array of paths and you would loop over them.
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Jan on 24 Sep 2013
"Seems not working" is nor a useful description of the problem. Better post your code and explain which error occurs.

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