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Real time Neural Network issue with "preparets".

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to execute a real time neural network and, as long as I know, I need the preparets() function to “prepare” the variables for the neural network.
net= load('NARX_CMON');
X = tonndata(up,true,false);
T = tonndata(yk',true,false);
%Execution of the net
[x,xi,ai] = preparets(net,X,{},T);
%net is the neural network
%X input data
%T target data
yp(k) = cell2mat(neural_function(x, xi, ai));
The problem here is the following.
As I said before, I need to execute preparets () function, and for that, I need the “net” network class variable. To load that variable, I use, as you can see in the following code lines, the function load() .
But as you can see in the error picture that I attach below, Matlab says me that this variable is unsupported and thus, preparets() doesn’t work.
What am I doing wrong? What is going on? How can I solve this problem?
Thanks a lot,

Answers (1)

Neha on 17 May 2024
Hi Erik,
Since the error originates from MATLAB Coder, I assume that you want to load a pretrained network for code generation. You can use the coder.loadDeepLearningNetwork function to load a network object. A similar issue has been addressed in the following MATLAB answer:
Please refer to the following documentation links for more information on loading pretrained networks for code generation using the coder.loadDeepLearningNetwork function:


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