Finding multiple fundamental frequencies using the pitch function

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I'm trying to find multiple fundamental frequencies in one audio signal. I'm currently trying to use the pitch function because I think I could use the windowlength value in the command to split up the signal into multiple frames as said in this link:
I'm currently trying the code but I keep getting an error that says "Unrecogniezed property 'windowlength' for class 'audio.internal.pitchvalidator'" and more errors that prevent it from running. I provided my code down below. If there is another method to do this other than pitch please also let me know. Thanks!
wsize = min(size(audioIn,1),192000); % 33 (I want around 10 FFs)
olength = 0;
f2 = pitch(audioIn,fs, ...
'Windowlength', size(1, wsize), ...
'Overlaplength', 0);
f0 = [f0;f2] %display purposes

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Jul 2021
WindowLength and OverlapLength turn out to be case-sensitive !
(This is a bug.)
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Jul 2021
WindowLength needs to be a sigle number. I'm not sure what size(1, wsize) gives, unless it's an error. Normally the first argument to size is the name of the variable (array), NOT 1. And the second argument is the dimension (like 1 or 2). Maybe you meant 'Windowlength', numel(wsize)

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jibrahim on 12 Jul 2021
Hi Heeje,
You've specified WindowLength as size(1,wsize). I suspect you mean wsize.
The pitch function accepts a Range property-value pair. You have not specified it, so the default applies. the default is [50,400] (values in Hertz). The error is complaining that fs/50 is not larger than the window length. I think the error will go away once you use the right window length


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