Feature for eigs involving just positive eigenvalues

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Hello, just a quick question involving eigs(). There's an option to find the N eigen values closest to an eigenvalue E, but is there one where we can find the N closest eigen values greater than E? I can not seem to find this and it seems like a resonable thing to be built in.
I am just looking for yes here's what you do. If it is not built in, just say so. No need to tell me how I can do this myself since I know how to. It just takes time to do so. Thanks.

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 1 Jul 2021
There's no option to do so directly, since it's not a common request and there's already a lot of option names in EIGS to dig through.
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Marcus Rosales
Marcus Rosales on 2 Jul 2021
Alrighty, thanks. I'll just have to do it in 2 parts I suppose or guess a half way point.

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