how to put path of a folder in a loop so the loop can open subfolders by itself

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I have a folder which contains 38 subfolders and i need a for loop to open the base folder and open the subfolders and do some operations on the files in it. name of subfolders are AEMI8_1, AEMI8_2 ,..... does anyone have a solution? I use path and dir() but i don't know anything further.

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Githin George
Githin George on 21 Jul 2022
Edited: Githin George on 22 Jul 2022
Hi Souzan,
My understanding is that you need to enter into the subfolders one by one, do certain operations and exit from the subfolder and continue the process.
You can try using usthe cd command in matlab to get into the subfolders. For more info you can take a look at the doc here.
You can use a for loop to get into the subfolders iteratively, since the names are in a sequence.


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