Boundary 'edges' around node(s)

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Al K
Al K on 19 Jun 2021
Commented: Al K on 21 Jun 2021
Is there any (simple) way to put a boundary edge (not a graph theoretic edge) around a node, e.g., a black boundary edge around a node colored white? ... where a white node, made visible by a colored edge, denotes 'empty' and a black node denotes 'full'. [If not, be a nice functionality to have, e.g., color of boundary edge, width of boundary edge.] Thanks, al

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 21 Jun 2021
There is no option to do this as part of the graph plot directly. You can achieve it by turning off the node markers (set 'Marker' propery to 'none'), and then creating a scatter plot based on the XData and YData properties of the graph plot.
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Al K
Al K on 21 Jun 2021
Thank you, Christine. Creative solution ... though it would seem a lot of work if, say, 100 nodes, perhaps of different shapes and sizes. Best, al

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